We deliver a novel approach and innovative solutions for real world problems.
Project Management

At VERSA, we embrace this responsibility each and every day. Our project execution approach melds the best from large corporations and smaller organizations. Learning from Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron and Genentech, and numerous smaller entities, our proven project execution methodology has enabled us to complete many demanding projects over the years.

Safety Policy
Built by people with decades of operational experience, VERSA has a rigorous Health, Safety and Environment policy that permeates through the entire company, from senior management to each team member. We embrace a zero-incident philosophy and our record of zero injuries validates our approach.

Project Management
Strong project management systems provide VERSA with a competitive advantage, allowing us to meet and exceed client expectations in scheduling, quality and scope of work. VERSA employs all the necessary software tools used in the industry.

To secure fair bids, VERSA assists with commercial specifications that guarantee optimal selection based on technical qualifications, pricing and maintainability. We also make sure that all post-award activities are properly carried out. These include expediting, factory work quality assurance, FAT, delivery logistics and installation details.

Construction Management
VERSA provides in-depth construction support throughout the engineering design, construction bid and actual construction process. Here’s where we excel.

  • Construction Planning and Strategies
  • Outage Planning and Readiness Analysis
  • Construction Execution
  • Completion

VERSA experts ensure proper mechanical completion, equipment trial runs and testing, facility turnover to operations, and post-analysis.