We encourage you to practice what we teach.
One of our unique service offerings is training support for process-oriented clients. Our operations expertise helps plant personnel – the ultimate owner of operations of any new operational facility – work efficiently and effectively. We understand the needs of those on the ground. VERSA’s Training Division provides world-class and cost-effective process unit training procedures, plus actual commissioning and startup assistance.

Our maintenance experience is also extensive, with expertise in execution as well as life cycle asset management. These unique services, not typical of most engineering service providers, infuses practical design practices that are cost effective and profitable for our clients.

Our Procedure123® software, for example, is the standard procedure creation tool for Shell Oil Products, worldwide.

VERSA training support includes:

• Troubleshooting Manuals

• E-learning Modules

• Operating and Maintenance Procedures

• Predictive Maintenance Manuals

• Procedure123® – Next Generation Tool for Complex Procedure Creation

• Supplemental Operating Training Staff

• Startup and Shutdown Assistance