We deliver a novel approach and innovative solutions for real world problems.


It’s the world we live in today. One where science and engineering come together to positively affect nearly everything we consume and utilize in our daily lives. As a company well versed to meet daily engineering challenges, VERSA provides full-service engineering support and solutions to a wide spectrum of industries that require operational know-how and expertise from A to Z.

What We Do
Engineering Design

VERSA guarantees best-in-class engineering design for optimum results.

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VERSA has 30+ years of professional experience with proven leadership. 

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Staff Augmentation

VERSA knows that companies are often in flux regarding staffing needs.

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Chemical / Process Engineering

VERSA's process engineering is the core of our technical competency.

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Civil / Structural Engineering

VERSA brings in-depth experience in design, management and construction.

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Electrical Engineering 

VERSA has over 25 years of electrical design experience for many various industries.

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Procedures and Training Systems

One of our unique service offerings is training support for process-oriented clients.

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Project Management

Successful Project Management is the heart of our technical services.

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cGMP Validation

VERSA supports procurement with exacting specifications.

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Facility Operation

VERSA’s senior management has led capital projects at major facilities.

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Fire Protection & Life Safety Instrumentation

Fire Protection and Safety measures are absolute and well-defined.

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